Prayer Changes Things Starting With Y-O-U!

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Monday Morning Prayer Podcast 09.28.2015


Prayer Therapy Podcast

Watch your thoughts!

Be mindful of whats on your mind! Refocus and redirect your thoughts to that which is positively framed. Its true, we deal with some heavy stuff but lets make sure that our thoughts reflect our faith in God rather than our fear of what we face. BE ENCOURAGED. SPEAK/THINK LIFE in everything that concerns you! Good morning everybody!♡

He who began a GOOD work!

He who began a good work in you will see it through (Phil 1:6). All is not lost. Your hope is not gone. God will often allow a state of dormancy to exist to protect/mature your gifts! Don’t believe me? Just ask the caterpillar! He went in one way and came out transformed with a new name! Good morning everybody!♡ -Enna B

Not Today!

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Use a Prayer Journal!

Some days when there is a lot on my mind it helps me to write out my prayer requests before I start my work day. Today was one of those days. And I feel better. Keep a prayer journal at work it’s a great way to cast your cares!

Morning Prayer 06.21.2019

We are often assigned to love those who make it challenging to do so. This can become a heavy weight to bear. But nothing and no one is too hard for God. Place these burdens that weigh so heavily on you at His feet. He is able and will give you the strength you need to love as He loves. Be encouraged. Good morning everybody! ♡