Monday Morning Prayer Podcast 09.28.2015


Prayer Therapy Podcast

Morning Prayer 11.27.2020

Good morning Lord. Welcome Holy Spirit. Thank you for allowing us to see a brand new day. As we embark on this new day we do pray for the patience and endurance to run this race by your grace. We lean solely on the Everlasting Arms. O God, you are our strength. Thank you for being a bridge over troubled waters and a present help. Thank you for encamping your angels around us to protect us from dangers seen and unseen. Root out what is unrighteous within us. Give us a word in season for those who you place on our paths. Keep us humble and focused. Sever unhealthy soul ties. Give us control over our flesh and cause us to resist the temptation to satisfy our own wants and lusts. Thank you for self control and for every fruit of the spirit. We do declare the victory in advance and thank you for it. Bless those whom it is hard to love and forgive. Provide us with joy on this tedious journey. We are thankful for you love and kindness toward us and grateful for your correction and redirection. In Jesus name, Amen.

Morning Prayer 09.17.2020

Dear Lord, grant us wisdom and courage today. Show yourself mighty and strong. Strengthen our resolve to live holy and love unconditionally. Forgive us of our transgressions. Remove bitterness from our hearts, minds and mouths. Show us a more excellent way Father. Heal us in mind, body and spirit. Thank you for your love and grace. In Jesus name, AMEN.

Monday Prayer 06/29/2020

Thank you Father for your AMAZING grace as we begin a new week of walking in victory, deliverance, forgiveness and success. Give us a desire to chase after the things of God. Give us a heart and mind to live holy and set a godly example in every aspect of our lives. Deal with our secret struggles Father. We invite your precious Holy Spirit in to perform the operations necessary to remove any desire urge, thought, or habit that puts us outside of your will for our lives. Bless our homes. Bless our finances. Bless our relationships. Make the little we have the much that we need. Give us clarity and confirmation on today. Bless our going out and our coming in. Protect us from dangers seen and unseen. Forgive us of our sins. We’ve done wrong and taken actions which are not pleasing in your sight. We repent with godly sorrow and plead the blood of Jesus over all things concerning us. Make our enemies behave today. Help us to love them as you have commanded. Give us your peace, protection and holy boldness on today. Thank you for making the impossible possible! In Jesus name, AMEN.

Morning Prayer 05.26.2020

Good morning Lord. Welcome Holy Spirit. Thank you for the gifts of life, health and strength. Thank you for the gift of right now. An opportunity to choose obedience to your will and your word. Prick our hearts Lord. Give us a made up mind that intentionally chases after you. Renew in us a right spirit that we might extend your grace to others, even those it is hard to love and forgive. Cleanse us of our secret faults God. You know our frailties and our weaknesses. Help us to reinforce our gates and not give the devil access. Oh God we magnify you and lift you up. Go ahead of us this day on the path of purpose and make the rough places smooth. Make our enemies behave. Strengthen our relationships and bless us to be a blessing to others. Ease troubled hearts and minds. Grant us peace, protection and provision. In Jesus name, AMEN.

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer 04.03.2020

Good morning Lord. Welcome Holy Spirit. Our hallelujah belongs to you today. We commit God to serving you with our lives not just our lips. Father you’ve shown us that there is some sin in our camps that needs to be rooted out. Give us the desire and the strength to live right and to live holy. Forgive us for failing to do what you require. Deliver us from evil. Thank you for allowing goodness and mercy to follow us daily. We place are concerns with people and circumstances on the altar. We ask that you stay the hand of the death angel Father. Arrest the spread of the COVID virus and those suffering healing and full recovery. For those battling sickness and disease of any kind we speak healing and good health. Thank you for your peace, protection and provision.
Move like only you can. Touch, heal and deliver. Set the captives free. In Jesus name. Amen.

Morning Prayer 02.02.2020

Morning Prayer 02.02.2020

O Great God our Father,

Thank you for a made up mind. A mind that directs my thoughts and actions to align with your will and fulfill the purpose you have assigned to me. I rebuke the enemy on today and plead the blood of Jesus over every thought, action, influence, attitude, and demonic force which seeks to defeat my made up mind. Give me the courage to use the authority you have given me to act boldly in advancing your kingdom. Give me the love and compassion to extend your forgiveness to everyone, even those it is hard to love. In this season of pruning and purging renew my strength from day to day. When I cannot see the way may I rely fully on my faith and lean not to my own understanding. Bring my flesh and my emotions under control that the spirits of distraction and self gratification might not delay me on the path of purpose. Thank you for a right spirit and a made up mind. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Watch your thoughts!

Be mindful of whats on your mind! Refocus and redirect your thoughts to that which is positively framed. Its true, we deal with some heavy stuff but lets make sure that our thoughts reflect our faith in God rather than our fear of what we face. BE ENCOURAGED. SPEAK/THINK LIFE in everything that concerns you! Good morning everybody!♡

He who began a GOOD work!

He who began a good work in you will see it through (Phil 1:6). All is not lost. Your hope is not gone. God will often allow a state of dormancy to exist to protect/mature your gifts! Don’t believe me? Just ask the caterpillar! He went in one way and came out transformed with a new name! Good morning everybody!♡ -Enna B

Not Today!

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Use a Prayer Journal!

Some days when there is a lot on my mind it helps me to write out my prayer requests before I start my work day. Today was one of those days. And I feel better. Keep a prayer journal at work it’s a great way to cast your cares!