Morning Prayer

Thank you Father for your AMAZING grace as we begin a new week of walking in victory, deliverance, forgiveness and success. Give us a desire to chase after the things of God. Give us a heart and mind to live holy and set a godly example in every aspect of our lives. Deal with our secret struggles Father. We invite your precious Holy Spirit in to perform the operations necessary to remove any desire urge, thought, or habit that puts us outside of your will for our lives. Bless our homes. Bless our finances. Bless our relationships. Make the little we have the much that we need. Give us clarity and confirmation on today. Bless our going out and our coming in. Protect us from dangers seen and unseen. Forgive us of our sins. We’ve done wrong and taken actions which are not pleasing in your sight. We repent with godly sorrow and plead the blood of Jesus over all things concerning us. Make our enemies behave today. Help us to love them as you have commanded. Give us your peace, protection and holy boldness on today. Thank you for making the impossible possible! In Jesus name, AMEN.

Today’s Positive Confession


May the Lord God Almighty, forgive, equip, empower and uphold you today!

May a spirit of positive and great expectation override every thought and every action on today.

May peace, protection, and provision rest, rule and abide in your household on today.

May resolution, reconciliation and rejuvenation spring forth in every deficient relationship ordained by God to be restored in your life.

May every place that the soles of your feet trod find you in great favor with God and man.

In Jesus Name, AMEN.



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