Do You Have Shadows?

Under the Cover of Prayer

Do You Have Shadows?

by Patricia Day

I needed onions for a recipe I was preparing, so picked out two that looked perfect for the job.

Sunlight was streaming through the kitchen window and as I began removing the outer layers from the first onion, I noticed a shadow. Holding it up to the light, I could see it was a bad onion. I promptly discarded it. Then I repeated my action on the second onion; held it up to the light and this time I was rewarded with an onion good enough to use in my recipe. The recipe turned out well, because the ingredients were good.

I wonder if, when God looks at us He sees the same.

God can discern the shadows of badness in our hearts. (tweet this)

And, if we call ourselves Christians, would we really be without blemish, when held up to…

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