What is a 1 Minute Prayer Plan?

Under the Cover of Prayer

What is a 1 Minute Prayer Plan?


by Susan Harris

“Couldn’t you pray with me for one hour?” Jesus asked his disciples (Matthew 26:40.)

Some Bible translations use the word “keep watch” or “stay awake” but regardless of the term used, there is no mistaking Jesus’ incredulity when He found his closest friends sleeping while He supplicated the night before His torturous death. He agonizes. Peter, James and John tour Dreamland. Apathetic to the sorrow of their man-god companion.

I grew up in a Christian home where prayer was a way of life. There was prayer in the morning, prayer at meals, prayer in the night; and if it was not morning, noon or night, there was still prayer. My parents would take us to all-night prayer meetings at church, it being the safest way to watch the brood while they watched with God. So I grew up praying for…

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