Morning Prayer 11.18.2015

Good morning Lord. Welcome Holy Spirit. This morning Father we thank you for the gifts of life, health, and strength. Create in us clean hearts and renew in us a right spirit. Arrest any thought, word or deed that is not like you. With your help and by your power we declare victory over our sinful flesh. God, the days are troubling and full of uncertainty.  Thank you for being a hiding place for us. Thank you for being a present help in times of teouble. Guard our hearts and minds against the attacks of the enemy. Make our homes place of peace where your glory dwells. Impart to us a double portion of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Give us a Word in season for your people. Lift up every bowed down head. Mend every broken heart. Touch each and every hurting place with your healing and love. We speak life to everything that concerns us. Show yourself mighty that our enemies would behave and our faith might be strengthened. Give us holy boldness and the courage to share the gifts of grace and salvation with others. Forgive us of our sins, which are many, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Thank you for allowing us to walk in victory this day. In Jesus name, Amen.


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