Time to Refocus 

​Up….thinking how sad God must be that we worship everything but Him. We’ll get up early to go to a job. Stay up late to watch TV. Talk, text,  instant message for hours. We’ll post about how much we “love” God….but in reality we aren’t spending much meaningful time with him. We say He knows our hearts….but do we know His? What kind of relationship can we have with anyone who we don’t communicate with on a regular basis. We know our jobs better than we know Jesus. We can find a gif, meme, or an emoji for every occasion but we can’t quote a scripture or find one either….We’ve got work to do. There is so much we need from God and yet there is so little we are willing to sacrifice. The devil is well pleased with our lack of focus and lack of faith. Gives him an all access pass to our minds,  temples and loved ones. What good is it for Jesus to be on the “main” line we we are on the chat line? We’ll wait for hours on hold to get help with our phone, Internet or cable but if God doesn’t respond in 30 seconds we give up hope….Let’s refocus or focus. It’s time to strengthen our personal relationship with God.


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