Morning Prayer 07.06.2016

​Good morning Lord. Welcome Holy Spirit. Thank you for the gifts of life, health, and strength. You are the King of glory, the Lord strong and mighty. Make my enemies behave today. Bless my going out and my coming. May I find favor with God and man wherever I go. Lord, forgive me for not trusting you with everything on my heart. Forgive me for not serving you fully. Forgive me for not being obedient to your commands in every area of my kife. God give me a desire to love you with my life not just my lips. Thank you for the strength to resist temptation. Thank you for the courage to remove myself from sinful scenarios which are outside of your will that I am engaged in, live in or associate with. I rebuke the spirits of fear, lack, discouragement,  lust, and pride.  Thank you for equipping me with talent and treasures God. Open the windows of opportunity and release your blessings. God, make me fit to serve me. Put a praise on my lips and running in my feet. Touch every hurting place. Thank you for healing in mind, body and spirit God. Bless my family. Bring us, closer Lord. Bless those whom it is hard to love and forgive. Send reconciliation and restoration. Move like only you can. Deliver us from evil. In Jesus name, AMEN.


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