Shout Out to ALL my EARLY RISERS!

​Shout out to ALL my EARLY RISERS! Yall up or nah? Sister

s how yall feel? Brothers yall alright?

We stand at the threshold of a new year. God has blessed us. Kept us. Provided for us. Guided us. Chastised us. Forgiven us. Renewed us. Prospered us. Strengthened us. Stretched us. Proved us. Loved us. All this in preparation for our next level. I challenge each of us to choose growth in every area of our lives for 2017. We are multi-dimensional and must mature and grow in all dimensions in order to maintain balance and stability. Working from the inside out, grow towards the things and people that God has strategically placed on your path of purpose. There may be some growing pains as you stretch beyond your current ways of thinking, doing and being but don’t let that discourage you. Its just a side affect of the supernatural things God is doing in you. Good morning.

-Enna B

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