Morning Prayer 11.08.2017

Good morning Lord. Welcome Holy Spirit. We do praise and thank you for allowing us to see a brand new day. Order our steps on today. Make the little we have the much we need. Enlarge our territory and give us good success. Keep us in perfect peace. Keep us kingdom minded. Meet us at the point of every need and move like only you can. As we strive and struggle to do what is pleasing in your sight give us strength and courage to stay the course despite the temptations which are present. Forgive us Lord for sinning against you in thought, word and deed. O God there are relationships, hearts, minds, and situations that need a touch from you today. Touch like only you can. Heal like only you can. Deliver like only you can. We thank you for the victory in spite of what it looks like. Give us control over our flesh and over our tongue Father. Put a hedge of protection around us and protect us from dangers seen and unseen. Bless our enemies and make them behave God. Keep your hand of mercy upon this nation and this election. May your will be done. We thank you for your peace, protection and provision. In Jesus name, AMEN.


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