Welllll….did you?


Morning Prayer 12.12.2017

Father, we thank you for life, health, and strength this early morning. Bless our going out and our coming in today. Keep us safe from dangers seen and unseen as we go about the day’s activities. Thank you for encamping your legions of angels around us and around our homes. Father we thank you for life health and strength this early morning. Bless are going out and our coming in today. Keep us safe from dangers seen and unseen as we go about the days activities thank you for in camping your legions of Angels around us and around our home give us a word and season 4 your people on today put a dork keeper at the gate of our mouths that what comes out is pleasing in your sight. GIve us Father God the desire to please you in all that we do this day. If there be any discouragement, lack, or sadness send us your comfort and your peace that we might move as those who have full hope, faith and trust in you. In Jesus name, Amen.


Morning Prayer 10.16.2017

Good morning Lord. Welcome Holy Spirit. Thank you for the gifts of life, health and strength. Show yourself mighty and strong today. Remove roadblocks and obstacles God. Fix finances and rebuild relationships. Protect us in our comings and goings. Keep our homes safe and make them peaceful places to abide. Root out selfish desires and help us glorify you with our thoughts, actions and every word that proceeds our of our mouths. We repent and ask for forgiveness of our sins. Cleanse us from all unrighteous. Give us favor with heaven and with man. Multiply the fruit of the spirit in our lives. We bless your name and thank you in advance for the miracles, signs and wonders that will manifest this week. In Jesus mighty name, AMEN.

Morning Prayer 09.23.2017

Good morning Lord. Welcome Holy Spirit. Thank you for the gifts of life, health, and strength. I decree and declare a positive and productive day. There shall be peace in my home and on my job. My children are blessed. My finances are blessed. My relationships are blessed. The works of my hands are blessed. My enemies will behave. Show me where to go and who to bless. Restrain the flesh. Regulate my mind. Minister to me by the power of your Holy Spirit continuously. Forgive me of every sinful thought, word, or deed. Be a hedge of protection that no hurt, harm, or danger, might befall me. Grant me favor and good success. You know my struggles and the desires of my heart. I await with GREAT expectation the manifestation of your power in every area of my life. IJN, AMEN.

Prayer Tip #11

Prayer Tip #11

Start your day by acknowledging the presence of God. This puts the devil and the flesh on notice of your desire to be God’s instrument throughout the day. Praise Him for His awesomeness. Request His forgiveness. Seek His divine counsel for what concerns you. Request that He order your steps and regulate your thoughts throughout the day.

Enna B

Morning Prayer 08.29.2017

New morning. New mercies. Embrace them all. Father God as we unwrap the gift of today I humbly ask that you activate/reactivate our spiritual confidence [FAITH] that we might have the courage to seek your will & your purpose for our lives with passion! IN JESUS NAME, AMEN. *Not seeing the promises of God fulfilled? Examine yourself am I persevering & doing his will? GOOD MORNING. -ENNA B