Pray over your work environment!

Help Me Lift Jesus!

Today’s Instructions 

Rise | Pray | Slay

We serve a God who does all things well. Focus on his ability to exceed your expectations. Your circumstances are no match for His power!

Shout to all my EARLY RISERS!

​Shout out to ALL my EARLY RISERS! Yall up or nah? Sisters how yall feel? Brothers yall alright?

Growth requires sacrifice. Change requires courage. Progress requires discipline. Development requires diligence. Anything that moves us along on the path of purpose involves risk and investment. What are we willing to give up in exchange for what we desire to gain? Discouragement is a weapon of choice for the enemy. He uses it to slow us down, back us up and derail our plans. Don’t take the bait. Stay on the path. Good morning. 

Enna B