Morning Prayer 05.16.2017

Praying today that God would increase our staying power exponentially.  That the desire to give up would be defeated in the mighty name of Jesus. That the assignment of the enemy to steal our joy and assassinate our hope be canceled. 



Happy Monday!

Create an awesome day in your corner of the universe. Expect God to exceed your expectations! Good morning.

Morning Prayer 03.02.2017

Morning Prayer 03.02.2017


Come on in and have your way today! Guard my mouth, my heart and my mind. May your will be done through me this day. Show yourself mighty and strong. Put a hedge of protection around me and around my family. Bless our going out and our coming in. Make my home a place of peace where your glory dwells. Grant me control over my flesh and my emotions. Forgive me of my sins for they are many. On today we resist the devil, his minions, his devices, his pleasant distractions, and his deceptions. Create in us clean hearts and renew in us right spirits. Adjust our attitudes on today Lord God. Send your healing virtue to where it is needed in our minds, bodies and spirits. We continue to stand in faith fully relying on your ability to move on our behalf and not on what we see. We love you Lord. In Jesus name, AMEN. 

-Enna B

Pray over your work environment!

Shout to all my EARLY RISERS!

​Shout out to ALL my EARLY RISERS! Yall up or nah? Sisters how yall feel? Brothers yall alright?

Growth requires sacrifice. Change requires courage. Progress requires discipline. Development requires diligence. Anything that moves us along on the path of purpose involves risk and investment. What are we willing to give up in exchange for what we desire to gain? Discouragement is a weapon of choice for the enemy. He uses it to slow us down, back us up and derail our plans. Don’t take the bait. Stay on the path. Good morning. 

Enna B